Books I Surprisingly Never Read Before: The Hunger Games

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I’ve never read The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, that is until last weekend. When the original Hunger Games mania took over, I dodged reading the dystopian series. Even my younger brother’s obsession could not coax me to pick up the book. Recently though, the students at the school I work in started reading The Hunger Games. Going from class to class, I became intrigued. While all the children sat silently reading along (a chore in itself) with the audiobook, I read deeper and deeper. I read and read till I was on Chapter 17 by the end of the day. 

Before I continue, I will add I started reading the book unconventionally by starting at Chapter 10. By Saturday evening, I read the whole book from middle to beginning. In two days, I devoured the book. Reading The Hunger Games reminded  me of my Harry Potter reading years, I read a lot of the book in a few days. Then, vaguely remember the plot afterwards. Because of the popularity of The Hunger Games, I already knew most of the plot so there were few surprises there for me.

Overall, it was an interesting read and nice to finally see what all of the fuss was about. Just don’t expect me to read Catching Fire.



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