1 Year Anniversary for Paperback Beaches: Party Time!

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Today is a special day on Paperback Beaches. It’s officially the one year anniversary of Paperback Beaches. Ok, at least for the domain name. So I might be off a day or two when I was originally setting up. For the one year anniversary, I’m going to take a look back at the last year and what I want to do for the next year (for the blog). Can you believe a year passed already? That went by fast!


Over a year ago, I finally finished my Master’s Thesis. With degree in hand, I felt like Captain America coming out of the ice: confused, disoriented, and wondering when everything became so technically advanced. For a while, I confusedly stumbled around thinking of what I want to do with my life and catching up on my reading. Then, one day as I was reading, I thought about a fleeting thought I had the previous summer while I was in the middle of my GoodReads Giveaway obsession: starting a book blog!


After a few months of research and going back and forth and coming up with a cool blog name, I decided what the hell, I’ll just do it.” So Paperback Beaches was born! Now it’s a year later. It’s been a crazy year. I’ve learned and feel like I’ve grown a lot about writing, blogging, designing  my own graphics.


Recap on My adventures from the last year

After books the next thing I actively seek out in my life is new experiences. A few of them, I documented in my Paperback Adventures series. Here’s a recap:

Remember when I was obsessed with GoodReads Giveaways? Yeah, I had a relapse. Good news though I only enter GoodReads Giveaways when I really, really want the book. Also, this year, I tried doing and failed at a Twitter Read-a-thon. But that was fine, I enjoyed the experience! Then, I visited the Amazon Store with my pal B, and we checked out two book festivals (in Montclair and Paramus, NJ). Unfortunately, there are no articles in the blog queue.


In May and October I visited Free Comic Book Days. And in the next few weeks I’ll finally post the article from my adventures at the October Free Comic Book Day. To give you a little insight in how I produce blog posts, I write them and then don’t post them for months. I either write them quickly and post them quickly, or I write most of it and then don’t publish it.


Hopes for the next Year

For the most part, this year has been focusing on mainly creating articles and graphics to go along with it. In the next year, I want to create better content with more of a focus on SEO and gaining more traction for the site. Of course, always, having some bookish fun on my way! Even though, it’s a year later, and I’m still stumbling around a little bit. I have more of  a precise view of what I want and where I want to go. So I’ll be chasing those goals around till I finish them!


Blogging by the Numbers

Articles I’ve posted: 127

Articles I’m currently working on: 6

Books I’ve Read in 2017: 67

Books I’ve Read in 2018 (so far): 17


Till the 2nd anniversary, Peace y’all!

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