Spring Cleaning, or How I’m Laying Off Libraries for a Few Months

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A few weeks ago while I was writing How did I Stack Up?: My Winter TBR, I noticed something peculiar. Most of the books I read and compiled on my original My Winter TBR List and My Fall TBR List were books from libraries. Then, I began thinking (“a dangerous past time”) of my book collection.  It’s no secret, I own a lot of books. When I say “a lot,” I’m not being cute and exaggerating like I tend to do either. I own a crazy amount of books. On a daily basis my younger brother walks into my room, sighs, and then points to the stacks upon stacks of books cluttering up my room, and informs me I need to get rid of a few. For months, I would wave him off and says phrases like “yeah, yeah, you’ve got a stuffed penguin problem,” or “whatevs” and shrug my shoulders at him. 

Houston, we have a book problem

Like my excessive book collection, I am also a huge fan of libraries and library book sales. Recently, my book hound tendencies have begun to catch up with me. During the last few months, my reading focus has been on books from libraries instead of within my own collection. As I stare at the abyss of books that has become my room, I’m becoming more aware of my problem and how I need to fix it. The first step is to admit you have a problem. Ok, yes, I have a book problem.     

Like any problem in my life I’m going to tackle this problem head on. First off, I’ll focus on condensing my book collection. At the end of spring, I’ll break down in How Did I Stack Up?, how my spring cleaning went. I’m not going to say I’ll get rid of all the books, I’ll be reading. Instead let’s say I’ll be reading the ones I bought on impulse at a book sale for $.50 first.  My goal for the next few seasons is to trim my book collection as much as possible. Can you guess why? To buy more books of course! *winky face.



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