My (Not So) Trashy Romance Reading List

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Can you take a guess what today is? Well, yes it is Wednesday. Oh yeah, you can call it “hump day.” You know what forget all of this guessing today is Valentine’s Day! Ok. So I’m a few days late. I’ve been a busy lady! Let’s all pretend it’s Valentine’s Day while we read this article. Shall we?

Yes, it is that magical time of year when couples pledge their undying devotion through flowers and chocolate hearts. While everyone treats it like a normal day sobbing into their latest romance novels cuddling their stuffed sock monkey named Cornelius. I’m not one of these people, but I hear it’s a thing.

So how about those romances? In my many years of reading romances, there seems to be two types of romance novels the trashy and not trashy. There might be an intermittent type of trashy, I haven’t stumbled upon it yet so I’m living an open space for it.

Though, I love myself a nice trashy romance novel with a strapping hero performing sexual acts I can’t describe on this site, I still have a soft spot for the cute nonsexual romances. As my article Hot Cocoa Hearts attests a nonsexual romance could be as heartwarming as the trashy ones, of course, minus the explicit adult content. For this Valentine’s Day, I’m counting down My (Not So) Trashy Romance Reading List. If you’d like to check out more not so trashy reading lists, make sure to stop by and read 5 Austen Inspired Romances on My TBR and 6 Charming Non-Fiction Books on the Subject of Love and Dating.

1. P.S. I Like You by Kasie West

One day while spacing out in class (like any typical teenager), Lily scribbles her favorite lyrics on a desk. When she comes in the next day, she discovers someone has finished writing lyrics on the desk the next day. Soon begins a budding romance between Lily and her mysterious pen pal. Getting back to spacing out, hell, I do it too, and I’m teaching the class!

2. How to a Beguile a Beauty by Kasey Michaels

About a year ago, I read How To Tempt a Duke by Kasey Michael’s. One of my favorite side plots was the tragic love story of the hero of the book’s sister Lydia. Her beloved gentleman callers dies in battle during How to Tempt a Duke. Now, she’s back with a new gentleman callers knocking on her door to give her a second chance at love. Ok, this can be considered a trashy romance, I guess. I’m not a trashy romance expert, but I feel like there would be a ton of cute romancey stuff in it. Fingers crossed!

3. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han

Lara Jean Song keeps a hatbox filled with love letters. Each love letter is written for one of her crushes. Then one day, her secret letters are mailed off making her letters not much of a secret anymore. I’m a 100% surprised this never happened to me. I was a little freaky boy obsessed kid writing odd and slightly creepy letters to boys I had crushes on. Maybe that’s why guys I went to middle school with would go the opposite way when they saw me. Now, it all makes sense.

4. Geekerella by Ashley Poston

Geekerella‘s spin on the classic Cinderella tale with a geek twist. Elle Wittimer is determined to win a cosplay contest using the money she’s made from working at the Magic Pumpkin. The prize is an invitation to the ExcelsiCon where she will be able to meet-and-greet with the actor play Federation Prince Carmindor, Darien Freeman, in the reboot of the new Starfield movie. I would be excited to meet Adam Driver too. Oh wait, wrong fandom.

5. Don’t Cosplay with My Heart by Cecil Castellucci

Edan Kupferman cosplays as her favorite character Gargantua. When her personal life spirals out of control, she has to decide whether or not she needs a sidekick or if she could handle her problems on her own and be her own hero. I’m not sure why this particular book’s description is vague compared to the others, but it is. I’m still not sure what kind of romance it is (f/f or f/m to give an example). Just don’t cosplay with my heart.

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