6 Places to buy Cheap Books for Thrifty Book Nerds

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The older I get, the less I want to actually pay full price for a book. The very thought makes me shudder. As a teenager, I would gleefully skip to Barnes and Noble and drop at least $50 a trip. Over time, I have gotten at least a little bit wiser when it comes to my book buying choices. So, you don’t make the same bookish mistakes as me I compiled a list of place to buy cheap books for those book nerds who want to watch their wallet!

1. Library Book Sales

Library book sales are like a gift from the heavens to the broke bookaholic. I prefer these type of sales, because usually there is a diverse collection. On most of my trips, I can also score some vintage looking hard cover books (which will look good in an adult office, if I ever get one). The key to playing with book sales is to go to a few and before you go kind of have a mental list of the books you want. This will help you from buying books that you might regret buying later on impulse. I would like to suggest to watch out for book sales not all of them use the same prices. Usually, the prices run at about $.50-2.00 depending on if it’s paperback, hardcover, trade paperback novels. I did go to one sale where the the books were about $.25, but that is rare these days.


2. Church Garage/Rummage sales

In the past, I was not that big into going to church/rummage sales. To be more accurate, these type of sales never crossed my mind. Then on the last Free Comic Book Day in May, my friend B spotted one happening at one of the church’s near the comic book shop was having one of these sales. So we sauntered in and to my surprise, there was a diverse collection of books for very about $.50 a book. In the end, I walked out with a nice stack to add to my collection.

3. Thrift Stores

I haven’t hit the thrift store for books yet. Most of them near me are of the trendy vintage variety. But a few of my pals on Twitter swear on scoring some sweet sweet book hauls at a good price at thrift stores.


4. Garage Sales

Like the flea market gig, I’ve sold books at garage sales, but never bought them. Though books could be potentially really cheap, but the only problem would be driving around time scoping out the garage sales.


5. Flea Markets

I have never bought books at a flea market, but I have sold  some. Usually, when I sell them, they’re on the cheaper side like 2 for $1. You might have to shop around and be careful. Some flea market dealers will sell their books for ridiculous prices. However, the few dealers that have books are usually reasonable priced. Though, the books might be more of the vintage variety. If you want newer books, this option might not be the best.


6. Sometimes local book shops

The little book store I go to near my best friend B’s house has a $1 section. The only problem with this dollar section is the books are outside and most have that “I’m a book that’s been outside for too long look and feel to them.” Once in a while, I can find a book that hasn’t been outside for that long, and it’s a nice score while supporting a local business!


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