My Unexpected Favorite Fictional Book Worm

articles / Wednesday, August 9th, 2017

In honor of Book Lovers Day, I decided to publish this article today. Because what better way to celebrate Book Lovers Day, than celebrating all the book lovers out there!

After joining the book blogging community, I noticed many bloggers have the same few favorite reading fictional characters. Don’t get me wrong, I love Belle from Beauty and the Beast and Hermione Granger from Harry Potter series, but almost becomes boring seeing a sea of the same two faces everywhere. Scandalous, I know! 
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This weekend, my youngest brother was binge watching Naruto on Netflix. Naruto is the story about a boy ninja who wants to become the Hokage, or leader of his village. His sensei, or teacher is a man called Kakashi Hatake. His binge watching brought me back to me when I was obsessed with Naruto. My favorite character was Kakashi. You know what Kakashi does a lot? You guessed it right if you said reads!

What he actually reads is a little controversial on the other hand. His favorite books to read are a series of romance novels called Icha Icha. I don’t mean the romance where the fair maiden falls head over heels with a dashing Duke either. By romance, it is probably more likely on par with Fifty Shades of Grey with more humor.

Why Kakashi is my Favorite Book Worm:

1.He helped me get over my shame for reading certain books in public. If you know the series, he mentors three 11-12 year olds and is still reads Icha Icha in front of them. He has a zero book shame game going on.

2. He is a consistent book series fan. Kakashi loves the Icha Icha series, and throughout Naruto Kakashi is seen reading through the series. Imagine a Potterhead ninja.

3. When I first watched the series, I noticed Kakashi would pop his book anywhere he could and read it. I’ve adapted this concept. For instance, if I’m waiting on a long line at the bank, the book comes out. I’m not going to just stand there and waste valuable reading time.

4. He taught me the ability to multi-task and read. Sometimes, I could have a full conversation with someone and actually pay attention. If I try hard enough, I probably could fight and read.  

 5. In media, I noticed there are more female book worms than male. Kakashi perfectly represents diversity; because, he is portrayed as a masculine, powerful, and down to earth character who likes to read. I do not know about everyone else who reads this blog, but I’ve noticed over the years there is a lack of male readers, and readers who are physically powerful. Kakashi is ahead of the curve!
I better stop now before I start writing an essay. Now I ask, who is your unexpected favorite fictional book worm? By this I mean, book worms who don’t receive a lot of love in the book blogging community. Last but not least, enjoy Book Lovers Day, my fellow Book Lovers!

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