Paperback Adventures: The Time I went to the Amazon Store

amazon store, articles, paperback adventures / Tuesday, August 8th, 2017

One day as I was in the midst of breaking up kids badly roasting each other, I received a text from my best friend B.  After wrangling the kids and sitting in the teacher’s room, I checked my phone and noticed the text. The text was an invitation to check out a newly opened Amazon store that just opened up near us. Intrigued, I interrogated her through text about this store. Once I had sufficient information, I agreed to go.

We decided to pick the last day of the school year to check it out. It was a mini celebration from being a glorified baby sitter for kids for the last year. The day came, and I picked my B up. We enjoyed a quick lunch of greasy fast food, I didn’t have time to have lunch after work. Once some of the grease was off my already greasy fingers, we headed towards the Amazon store. We acted like a normal pair of twenty-somethings, and kept pointing out what books we read. Then, we held mini book club like sessions in front of some of the books. Once we covered all the ground of the store, we possibly could, we left.

I was excited for the opening of the Amazon Store, because it would mean a new book store in my local mall. Let me explain further, a few years earlier, the Borders in this particular mall closed down. I was bummed out, because I had so many happy memories in high school with browsing around, chilling in chairs, and chatting. Talking it over with B, the Amazon store left us both disappointed. It fell below our mediocre expectations.

What I liked about it:

-There is books waiting to be discovered. Since it seems like I just came out of an iceberg, I found a few books I added to my already huge To Read List.
-I liked the design and layout of the store, I would have liked it even better if it was on a larger scale.
-The books faced out so it was easier to read the titles.

What I didn’t like about it:

-The books there are only the best selling on Amazon. The selection are much smaller than Barnes and Noble and Borders (sigh).
-There really isn’t any place to sit down and chill for a long time. It’s basically a grab your book and leave vibe.
-If you have an Amazon Prime membership, you are able to buy books for Amazon prices. If not then, well, you are getting them for the regular list price, not the discounted Amazon prices.
-The Amazon store I went to was a little on the smaller side. So in certain areas of the store, it was a little cramped walking down aisles if other people were down the aisle.

Have you checked out the Amazon stores yet? Give me your opinion on your experiences.

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