Paperback Adventures:The Time I was Obsessed with GoodReads Giveaways

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Gather around the computer screen, my darlings! I will tell you a sordid tale of obsession, of overindulgence, and of gluttony. This tale is based on true events that occurred to me last summer. If someone wants to make a movie adaptation, please don’t get Taylor Swift to play me. Thank you.

Last spring, I was browsing the internet minding my own business when a thought entered my mind. This was not a crazy thought, a simple one, really. I was curious about how exactly an individual could acquire free books. Last year, I was contemplating starting a book blog, but had not created it yet. As a book lover, I think it’s natural for me to be curious about this phenomenon. This curiosity started innocent enough. I googled search a couple of ways that this was possible. One was through GoodReads Giveaways. At the time, I did not know this existed so I was super excited at this prospect. I could get free books without somehow paying for them. I signed up for a few giveaways with the innocent thought, it would be nice to have a couple of free books. Nothing normal lasts with me. I usually become obsessed with various objects, people, shows, books, and etc. for a while and move onto something else. In between these periods are brief moments of normalcy. No matter how normal I look, underneath my calm exterior lurks that obsessive creature.

Once I received my first free book, the creature came out in full swing. A few books turned into almost all of them. Within a few weeks, my dad was bringing a new book package from the mail almost everyday. Even he was perplexed, out of the ordinary for his usual stoic self: “Where are all of these books coming from?” He would ask. “GoodReads Giveaways,” I would tell him quickly as I grabbed the books out of his hands. He would watch as I tore apart the wrapping with the ferocity of an overly excited child opening presents on Christmas around me would be the remnants of the torn package. I would grab the book and press it close to my chest as if it were a baby. Looking back, I’m sure my dad must have thought there was something off about me when I continued to do this everyday for almost the whole summer. Slowly, I began to wonder why I needed these books. Seriously, as a brunette why do I need How to Be a Redhead: A Guide to Beauty, Skincare, Hair Care, Fashion and Confidence From the Sisters Who Started the Red Hair Revolution by Adreinne and Stephanie Vendetti. I’m not a redhead, and I don’t see myself becoming one any time in the foreseeable future. This book helped shake me from my obsession a bit.

Except this is my room.

However, the true end came much later than the redheads. But, alas like every good thing once September rolled around it must end! Once my job resumed, I no longer had the time to sit in front of the computer screen like a crazed obsessed zombie scrolling through giveaways as droplets of drool hung from my lips. With every obsession, there are some type of consequences. The consequence from this time period is now I have very little to zero shelf space in my room for new books. For the curious reader, who is wondering, did I ever replace my GoodReads Giveaways obsession? Why yes, I did, it was called my thesis. My obsession with it could easily become a Gothic novel. It would make the Bronte sisters proud.

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  1. Laughing and crying about how relatable this post is. No joke, I started my blog because of Goodreads Giveaways. I was excited by the idea of free books too, having always been limited by how expensive they are, and had read that reviews upped the chances of winning. I had only read a handful of genres so my reading experience was limited at the time, and excited by all the free books I ended up putting in ALL the requests. There are some books I still haven't found the time to read yet, but there is definitely something addicting about new books, especially book mail. Like Christmas every day.

    I've chilled out some (but not by much) and try to limit myself to authors or genres that are really appealing to me. Since it's been a few years I've somewhat gotten a better idea on the types of stories I enjoy the most. I'm still guilty as shit of over requesting ARCs from NetGalley though, feelsbadman.

    Great post, thank you for the laughs!

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