4 More Awesome Books about Women in the American Revolution

4th of july, american revolution, book lists, cokie roberts, donna thorland, fever 1793, ladies of liberty, laurie halse anderson, mistress firebrand, paper woman, suzanne adair / Wednesday, July 5th, 2017

As I was scouting out books, I noticed there was a lot of awesome books about women in the American Revolution that could not be contained in one book list. This is a continuation of “5 Awesome Books about Women in the American Revolution.” 
Out of all of these authors, the only one I met in person was Donna Thorland. Well, not actually, I sat through a panel at Books NJ with Joanna Shupe, Jeanne Mackin, and her. I admit that was the best panel and tingled my academic minded brain into a frenzy. Also, Donna Thorland wrote more historical fiction books about the American Revolution. I only chose this one as an example of her works.

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