BR# 15 George

alex gino, book reviews, charlotte's web, George, LGBTQ+, middle school book, summer reads, YA week / Sunday, June 18th, 2017

Date started: 1/11/17                          

Date finished: 1/11/17

For # 15 of BookRiot’s Read Harder Challenge: Read a YA or Middle grade novel by an author who identifies as LGBTQ+.

My post about George by Alex Gino will be like the book short and sweet. The book is a middle school grade novel, but it is also a great summer beach read for adults! It follows George a girl in the fourth grade. Even though George was born a boy, she does not feel like one. Instead, she wants to be a girl. At the beginning of the book, she has been keeping this desire a secret from her family and classmates. However, when her fourth grade class starts to read Charlotte’s Web and has a play for it, she cannot hide who she really is any longer. For the auditions of the play, George’s school separates the roles by gender: Wilbur, the pig, for the boys, and Charlotte, the spider, for the girls. The problem is she really wants to play Charlotte. The rest of the book tracks George’s quest to have others accept her for who she is and to be able to play the role of Charlotte. With her best friend Kelly by her side, she goes forward confidently towards these challenges.

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