How to pick out what books to read over the summer?

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We interrupt our regular schedule of reviews to provide a quick “how to” article.

Summer is fast approaching. For most of us, it means more free time. Most of us deal with the overhanging question: “what books should I read?” Or, constantly say to themselves: “I have more free time, but I don’t know what books I want to read.” Paperback Beaches will help you with relieving the stress choosing a book can cause.

1. What books have been on your “To-Read” list?

With so many books to choose from, it could be hard to remember all of them all of them at once.  A good way to combat this is organize your book wish list is through a Goodreads account. Then, it would be easier to pick which book to read from. This is a great feature you can use all year round!

2. Ask yourself: “Where will you be reading?”

Summer is the time of vacations. And sometimes in preparation for vacations, people pick up books relevant to where they will be traveling. Thinking like this could get you into the groove for your vacation and maybe (depending on what kind of book you read) teach you more about the destination.

Some examples could be: If you’re going to a beach, perhaps a good choice would be a beach setting romance or mystery.
Traveling abroad maybe take a historical fiction about the places you wish to travel.

Really the possibilities are endless with this one.

3. Go with genres you enjoy
If you like a particular genre, then perhaps search it up and find some greet recommendations.

Some of my favorites are:
Book Riot:
New York Public Library:

4. Read a popular book

This is the sweet, sweet time of year when it almost seems everyone has become a book nerd.  Many newspapers, magazines, and websites use this time to showcase an array of “great” books to read and discover!

5. Try a book challenge

If you’re still stuck, there a lot of book challenges or book lists, and I mean a lot. Even if you type in the phrase “summer reading” or “book challenges,” there will be a good amount of choices at your disposable. (I’ll be doing a post or two about this in the near future).

6. It all depends on you

When it gets down to the nitty gritty, it really depends on what you want to read. Pick what you like! If it seems interesting, read it!

How do I pick a book?

Most of the time, I go by my “to-read” list, or books I picked up at library book sales.  However when I know I’ll be on vacation or traveling, I try to pick up books with larger print. I find larger books are easier to read in a car or on a plane. Smaller print books make me dizzy and feel sick when in motion. So I usually opt for larger print and typically books that are easier to read like Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies.  I try to plan out ahead of time what books I’ll be reading. I suggest to pick three or four books, you want to read at the beginning of the summer, so when the time comes, you won’t be scrambling around!

Stay Tuned!

Q: How do you choose books for the summer? What genres do you usually choose?

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