BR #10: The Princess Diaries

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Date Started: 5/20/17        
Date Finished: 5/23/17
For #10 of Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge:  Read a book that is set within 100 miles of your location.

My first memory of The Princess Diaries is through the movie starring Julie Andrews and Anne Hathaway.  I was on a movie birthday for a semi-close friend. We would play together, but even at the tender age of ten, I didn’t think I was really intimate birthday martial to her.  After watching Anne Hathaway charmingly stumbling around as the main character Mia Thermopolis, I was hooked.
My middle school and some high school years were spent reading about the exploits of Mia, Princess of Genovia, a fictional European principality like Monaco.  Actually, just picture Monaco, but with a different name, it’s easier that way. The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot focuses on Mia, a fourteen year old freshman high school student at Albert Einstein high school.  This first book revolves around her exploits after being told she is next in line for the throne of Genovia. Throughout the novel, Mia struggles with balancing her responsibilities as a princess and as a student, friend, and daughter.

The Princess Diaries can also be used as books for the following challenges: POPSUGAR Reading Challenges: #39 first in a series I haven’t read, and #3 a book of letters (this series is told from the perspective of Mia via her diary).

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