Paperback Adventures: The Time I Did a Twitter Read-a-thon

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Over the summer when I started to spend every minute (it seems) on Twitter, I noticed something peculiar. People were participating in these events called “read-a-thons.” Curious, I decided to keep an out for them. From what I observed, these events usually last for a short period of time and have a certain topic behind it. Over time, I began to become intrigued about this Twitter phenomenon. So much so that as I was coming up with ideas for my post 28 Things I want to do before I turn 28, I decided to include a Twitter read-a-thon. After fairly quickly, I wanted to participate in one, the next question was which one.
One day, I happened to see a notice for the Spook-a-thon. Like many other read-a-thons, it had a specific topic behind it and lasted an assigned amount of time. I chose this event in particular because it lasted longer than the ones I usually  have seen. For this year, the Spook-a-thon lasted from October 17-23. It included 4 categories:
1. Read a thriller
2. Spooky Word in a Title
3. Read a book based off a childhood fear
4. Orange on the cover
5. Spooky setting

1. Down a Dark Hill by Lois Duncan

-spooky setting-creepy old half burnt mansion.

4. The October Country by Ray Bradbury

-orange on the cover

2 and 3. Dawn of the Dreadfuls by Steve Hockensmith

Ok, I was afraid of cemeteries growing up. Actually, a better word to describe my fear is probably suspicion. I did not trust dead people. Even though, my mom and dad explained to me many times that death is a permanent state, and people can’t just come back to life. Many of the cemeteries near me contained people who have been buried there for hundreds of years, but no my little mind could not be swayed. At the tender age of four or five, I somehow knew what zombies where. I still thought the dead will become zombies and kill me in some fashion (usually in my messed up little mind) it was in some horribly gruesome way. I was surprisingly dark for someone who thought she would have a Disneyesque love story.
How was the experience?
To be honest, I skimped on the rules. I really did not finish till almost the second week of November.

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