Why I don’t do Blogging Awards (anymore)

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I started interacting with the blogging community through Twitter about 3 months now. So far, it’s been pretty awesome. I’ve discovered a bunch of new blogs and have talked to a lot of new people. Another thing, I unexpectedly discovered during this time is Blogging Awards. I’ll fondly remember when Cassie of ZombieGoddessBeauty nominated me for my first award (The Sunshine Blogger Award). Subsequently, she was the first in a long line of nominations.

I was nominated for the Liebster Award, alone, four times in two weeks. The first time I felt greatly honored that someone took time out of their busy schedule to actually recognize me for something. At first, I thought blogging awards were some great honor that few people actually received. However, I would quickly find out that was not the case. In a quick succession, I was nominated for three more Liebster Awards. By the end of the two weeks, I felt frankly overwhelmed by it all. By the time of the last nomination, I lost the excitement and wonder I had in the beginning. It began to feel like more of a chore for me to do.

Recently, I was nominated for three more awards my second Sunshine Blogger Award, and two Blogger Recognition Awards (which is a first for me). At this point in the game, I am throwing my hands up in the air and quitting blogging awards. The overwhelming affect of trying to find nominees is not the only reason why I don’t do awards anymore.

The Reasons Why I Don’t Do Blogging Awards Anymore:

1. It takes time away from writing other posts. Researching nominees, answering questions, coming up with questions, the whole process takes time from me writing other posts with my already limited blogging time.

2. Variety-After writing four Liebster Awards, my homepage looked like a blog dedicated to Liebster Awards rather than one on books and lifestyle.

3. The Great Nominee Search-As I stated earlier scouring through countless blogs and Twitters to ensure this particular person hasn’t already been nominated is a daunting task and mostly fruitless task.

4. Makes me feel obligated to work on the articles as soon as possible. Since I’m behind on a couple of months of blog posts regularly, I feel like I have to quickly produce and wrap up what I’m doing already so I could focus and quickly turn out an award post. I know it’s not actually the case, but, it’s the way my brain tends to process this new information added onto my schedule.

Before I finish this post, I want to make it perfectly clear, I greatly appreciate the honor of being nominated. At this point in my blogging career, though it’s too much for me to handle. In the future, I’ll simply respond with a “Thank you,” like, and retweet, but I’m done writing out posts dedicated to blogging awards.

I’d like to thank the following bloggers for nominating me: (Hey, I was making this post anyway, might as well, give all the people who nominated me recently a quick shout out.)

Sydney at Scripturient for Blogger Recognition Award

Eram at Literary Tea with Her for The Sunshine Blogger Award

Elizabeth at Sunburnt Aloe for Blogger Recognition Award.

Check them out, they all have rad blogs!!

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Badge found on I Spy Pretty Places

Image result for the sunshine blogger award

Badge found on The Nap time Projects


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Badge Found on Altea Leszczynska



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