28 Things I want to do Before I turn 28

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Leaves are falling, and I finally can wear all my sweaters, boots, and scarves!

I will admit October is one of my favorite months of the year. There’s Halloween, nice tempid weather, and of course it’s my birthday month! Yay!

The problem though is for the last two years I’ve attempted to make a list of things that I want to do before my next birthday, and all present attempts have failed miserably. This year is different though, I’m going to be 27! And after the year, I’ve had at 26, I’m pretty confident that I can get most of these goals accomplished.

Anyway enjoy the list. From time to time, I’ll take a break from book blogging to document how my progress is going with this list.


  • Watch 28 Movies from the Greatest 100 Movies of All Time AMC
  • Finish watching all seasons of 30 Rock and Portlandia
  • Watch 2 television serieses I’ve never watched before


  • Finish the GoodReads Challenge
  • Read 20 books on my TBR List
  • Read 5 books that are considered “Classics”
  • Participate in a Book-a-thon on Twitter
Blogging Goals
  • Reach to at least 100 blog Followers 
  • Have 200 diverse posts on the blog all together. 
  • Learn a few skills to enhance my blogging experience
  • Expand a social media presence using Pinterest and Facebook
  • Score a full time position

  • Invest some money into CD’s and Roth IRA’s

  • Visit at least 5 of the following restaurants (this list may be expanded and covers restaurants in North New Jersey):
    • White Manna
    • Sophia’s
    • Applegate Farms
    • Groov
    • Juicy Platters
    • Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque 
    • A Taco Affair
    • Eon’s Greek Food for Life 
    • Slamwitch Scratch Kitchen
    • Bobby’s Burger Palace 
    • Shake Shake 
    • Rochelle Park Diner 
    • Ivy Inn
    • Fitzgerald 1928
    • Smashburger
    • Cafe in Hasbrouck Heights with the long Italian name that I can’t remember
  • Visit a tea house
  • Bake Irish soda bread
Visiting/Events I want to Attend
  • New York Comic Con or a comic festival 
  • National Book Festival (September 1, 2018)
  • One new museum 
  • Renaissance Festival 
  • Harry Potter Festival
  • Film Festival
  • Chill under the stars
  • Apply for a Passport
  • Finish 365 Days of Inspiration
  • Complete a seasonal bucket list
  • Go apple picking
  • See 2 Shakespeare plays I’ve never seen before

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