Vacation Book Haul

articles, book haul / Thursday, September 7th, 2017

A few weeks ago, I was lounging on a beach and trying to turn my natural vampiric colored skin a little crispier. Between wasting most of my money at a beachside aracade (winning pointless prizes for my own enjoyment) and relaxing on the beach, I was curious about a bookstore I visited there last year.

Originally, I wanted to write an article about a bad book store I went to there once. I never thought I would say those words in the same sentence. Oh, it was a disorganized mess that smelled like animal urine with a cranky old owner. However when I went to see the location, I found it to be closed and replaced by an Escape Room.  Down in the dumps at the prospect of not writing about my terrible book store expierences, one of my family members misguidedly pointed out there was a library by the hotel we were staying in. As we were passing it by car, my mother happily pointed this particular library had a fill a bag book sale. Needless to write, I warned everyone in advance that on the last day of our vacation, we would end up there.

End up we did, for $5, I came home with an assortment of new books. Which book do you think I should read first? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll write a special post about it!

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