Step Aside, Pops

book reviews, comics, humor, kate beaton / Friday, August 4th, 2017

In my life, I have come across very few things that follows the following requirements: a. fits almost every occasion and b. never gets old. Of all of the comics, works, books, and graphic novels that has had the misfortune of coming across me. Kate Beaton’s works series of comics “Hark, a Vagrant” fit the bill to a T. In the end, I always end up sprinting back to Kate Beaton’s works.

I remember reading her works in high school. Reading Step Aside, Pops brought me back to the wondrous fun I had all of those years ago. Step Aside Pops is 166 pages of pure fun! Tucked between the pages are pirates, historical figures, and Nancy Drew are just a small assortment of the colorful characters inhabiting Beaton’s works. Many of hours and joy and laughter will be had reading this wonderful literary happiness elixir. Even the sternest heart cannot resist a chuckle at her charmingly smart comics.
Side note: I could literally put all of her Wuthering Heights comics together for the rest of my days and not be satisfied. Actually that goes for all of her comics.
I used her comic about W.B. Yeats and Maude Gonne entitled “Yeats in Love” for one of my presentations during my Master’s program. Books have been written, big books I’d like to add about Yeats. All of those books pale by comparison to capture the perfect description of Yeats and Gonne’s relationship. This particular comic is not in Step Aside Pops, but it is just of one of many examples of how Beaton’s comics could be used.

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