Adulthood is a Myth

adulthood is a myth, book reviews, graphic novel, humor, sarah andersen / Thursday, August 3rd, 2017

Throughout my life, I was vaguely aware of Sarah Andersen existed. Once in a while, I’d be randomly on Pintrest, and her comics would pop up. Since that is the way of the internet, you find yourself on websites unexpectedly for hours. ‘Tis how I always seemed to read Sarah Andersen’s very distinct cartoons. After I saw them, they went straight to the back of my mind. Then, about a month ago, one of the students (I was substitute teaching for) was thumbing through Adulthood is a Myth slightly giggling as she went along. It took seeing that book in her hands to awaken Sarah Andersen’s works in my head. I knew at that moment, I needed to be reunited.

With the volume in my hand, I thumbed through the volume, devouring each cartoon like it was a bite of chocolate. Andersen’s Adulthood is a Myth captures the private conversations you have with yourself on a daily basis. Many people will deny, they have these conversations. But we all know what’s up when everyone’s not around. Andersen’s comics add a comedic twist to these conversations and the acute awkwardness of being an adult. This lovely book takes these notions and makes them quirky, cute, and easy to digest these complicated human emotions. Plus, it makes you feel like less of a weirdo or freak. and that you’re in good company. Nothing says adult like soft felt on the cover! So soft! In the end, Andersen is so right, Adulthood is a Myth, and society has been lying to us this whole time.

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