My Reading List For: August 2017

articles, my reading list for: / Tuesday, August 1st, 2017

First off, let me release the elephant from the room and say the title of this series is kind of basic for my tastes. What can I say? A basic girl needs to have basic titles. I can’t always pretend to be creative, witty, and sarcastic. Though, the latter has become second nature, and I have developed resting bitch voice over the years.

In June, I complied a summer reading list for myself. Like everything I do in my life, I always have the best intentions of sticking to it; however, I rarely stay the course I intended. Sure, I’ve gotten myself in trouble a few times, but it’s not like I always intend for it to happen. It’s just in my nature. I’m like John Falstaff, except I don’t steal and my best friend isn’t the Prince of England.

Since, July was pretty dismal with the books I’ve read, I’ve already made a pact with myself, that I’ll probably break, to read more books and accomplish more of the challenges. If I stick with the three month plan, I should be good with finishing all of the books for both POPSUGAR and Book Riot’s reading challenges by the end of December.

So, I will see everyone around, because I’ll be locking myself in a room during the month of August to get all of this reading done.

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