7 Books About America’s Cool Uncle: Lafayette

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Ahh…America’s cool French teenage uncle, how many countries could say that? I’m sure very few countries can and that includes France. By the time of the French Revolution, America’s darling Lafayette was past his teenage years and imprisoned. The French didn’t seem to appreciate his uncle status like America did.

Gilbert du Motier, just plain old Marquis de Lafayette, or even to make it simpler Lafayette was in his early twenties when he served as a general for the Continental Army. Even though he was French, Lafayette showed the world that no matter the nationality if there’s a cause worth fighting for people will quickly join. Also, he’s the poster boy for all the other European fighters of the Revolution.

Fun Fact: According to old town legend, Lafayette named my hometown while retreating with George Washington through New Jersey. Their path took them through my town. While chilling there, there was supposedly an exchange between them about the area’s beauty. As a result, Washington wanted to name it after Lafayette. Our darling Lafayette was tired of having towns named after him. Instead, he gave it the name it still bears today. I’m not sure how historically accurate it is, but it does make a good story!

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