It was a Revolution, Beach: An Introduction

4th of july, american revolution, ancestors, founding fathers, it was a revolution, memes / Sunday, July 2nd, 2017

The last two weeks have been tumultuous for me. I’ve been battling with myself on whether or not to compile a series of book lists celebrating the anniversary of America’s independence from England. From the post you’re currently reading, you can easily see that I’m already neck deep in this project. As very few of you know, I can trace my descent to a few of the patriotic men (biologically and possibly through adoption) who fought. So instead of invoking the ghostly wrath of these men and women, I will take 4 days to honor them, and many others who fought and gave their lives to create the building blocks of the society we enjoy today.

Sit back and enjoy the next 4 days, because it will be done in a blink of an eye! After all of this unnecessary pressure (I continually put on myself), I’ll need a nice big hot cup of tea! For now enjoy these Founding Fathers memes.

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