Go, Graduate: All the Best from Bikini Bottom

adulting, book reviews, David Lewman, graduation, spongebob square pants / Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

It’s that wonderful time of year again, no not Christmas-graduations. May and June is full of all manner of academic achievement celebrations from middle school to college, and everything in between! 

One of my recent surprising book finds happened at a book sale. As I dug through the children’s section of it, helping my cousin find the perfect books for her child, I found it. As soon as I held Go, Graduate: All the Best from Bikini Bottom by David Lewman in my  hands, I knew I had to have it. Have it I did, by making a quick dash to the register and buying it.  

As a college graduate with a BA and a newly minted MA, I found a lot of the advice comforting and optimistic to the uncertain future in front of me. This book is the realest graduation book I’ve read in under a minute.

Accurate portrayal of  my feelings after college.

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